BCD 3D is now Biond! An evolution resultant of our dedication to offer our customers the highest quality service and our innovative nature. Welcome to the new era of Scientific Communication with Biond.Google+

BCD 3D is now Biond!


Change the way we communicate and learn the Science of Life.


Help our clients to communicate their knowledge with the most updated scientific rigor, using the latest 3D representation technology.



“I heard it and I forgot. I saw it and I understood.”

Confucius, 500 BCE

In Biond we are Scientific Animation and Illustration specialist. We make science easier to understand, powering it’s dissemination.

Scientific 3D Animation and Illustration

The best way to communicate an active process is to show how it happens…

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User Experience

Offer the user the chance to go deeper in your message and guide him through the path of scientific discovery…

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“The animation that Biocreative Designs 3D have put together of our immune synapse project gives a new and enlightening interpretation of the phrase “an image is worth a thousand words” because you can see in this video in an extremely attractive and clear way the whole message of the article in only a few minutes”.

Dr. Jose Luis Rodriguez Fernandez | CIB CSIC

“The team that integrates BCD 3D company is able to put into images the most complex scientific concepts. Bringing ideas to life is a really difficult challenge, that is only possible when you put yourself in hands of high standard creative professionals, like those who form the company BCD 3D.”

Dr. Manuel Perez-Alonso | UV Genetic Prof. and Scientific Director of IMEGEN

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